For my last day in Venice I planned to get out to Burano, famous for delicious seafood and brightly painted houses. I spent the morning wandering; having caffè and a cornetto here, strolling through a church or two there, before making my way to the vaporetto stop that runs out to the islands. I didn’t take many photos because I simply wanted to enjoy. That and the expedition I took to find what must be the only public bathroom in Venice filled the morning. 

Burano also has a leaning tower. To be honest, lots of things in Venice lean. They’re old and built on water. I took the stairs too quickly in my flat one day and almost crashed into the wall of the stairwell. 

The island is lovely and I took lots of time to stroll and enjoy it. At lunch I decided to be brave and try some new dishes. Burano is famous for its spaghetti with squid’s ink. Why not?  And since they had octopus in oil and lemon on the menu(and I firmly believe octopi are not to be trusted) I had a plate of that too. It was fantastic. 

The island has a beautiful green park to compliment all those bright houses. It was a calming and beautiful end to my time in Venice. 

Venice was a beautiful experience. There were things I didn’t get to do, like see a concert or a Commedia performance, mostly because I wasn’t there long enough. I’ll be back, and for longer next time. This city is a unique gem, and I enjoyed every minute. That being said, they could use a few more public restrooms 😉


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